The Most Important 11 Tips For The PoE New Player

When I first played Path of Exile, I was very confused, I do not know how to start the game. I read a lot of guides, but still confused. I think for many collectors of poe currency, it is important to know how to start their first steps in game. I hope the following guide will help you.

1. Use the help panel: This is a new feature that you can find on the lower right next to the shop button, and should be helpful with many different aspects of the game.

2. Learn recipes: Path of Exile offers an extensive recipe system which you can use for your advantage - if you know all the good recipes.

3. Level your masters: Elreon, Haku and Catarina can all substantially help you while gearing. Zana is very helpful once you hit endgame maps and should have a fixed spot in your hideout.

4. Make use of crafting benches: After having unlocked masters by leveling them up once, you gain access to their crafting bench which you can place into your hideout.

5. Use an item filter: You can find most relevant filters including a preview of each at Filterblast. Neversinks is the most popular choice and can be easily customized at FilterBlade.

6. Create a shop: Setting up a shop with Acquisition or through Premium Stash Tabs will help you selling stuff to buy upgrades for yourself. This guide can help you to find out what is valuable.

7. Don't use the trade macro: It's a helpful pricechecking tool and I don't want to discredit it, but is has a huge flaw: it can't take specific conditions into account, which may rapidly increase the value of an item. Some people shamelessly exploit this and will snatch any mispriced items, just to resell them for their actual value. Better check prices manually if you're unsure.

8. Level gems: Make use of your secondary weapon slot to level a few copies of Arc and Storm Call, or other popular gems to vaal or sell. Even if technically not active, these gems will gain experience.

9. Additional Guides: Engineering Eternity and Huizui are Youtube channels with video guides explaining different mechanics that are worth checking out!

10. Don't give up: Path of Exile can be very harsh, even for people with experience in ARPG's. So don't give up if something seems too difficult or you made some mistakes, and rather try to learn from the situation.

11. Have Fun: While Path of Exile has an overall great community, there are always some black sheep around. But seriously, screw all that. Having fun is all that should matter to you in a videogame, so play what and how you want, not how someone else wants you to!

It's good for you to spend 10 minutes looking carefully at the 11 tips above. There's a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy chaos, you will get more gains.