Complete Path of Exile Delirium 3.10 Patch Notes

Grinding Gear Games posted the patch notes for Path of Exile's 3.1.0 update, which officially launches the all-new Delirium Challenge League. The 3.10 patch packs bring home a ton of changes to skills, such as Conquerors of the Atlas, Bonuses for completing Atlas Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives, the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds fight, Sextant modifiers, etc. It also has information on the addition of Metamorph to the core game, all-new skills, skill reworks, passive tree changes, balance tweaks, and more. Be sure to check out the full patch notes.




Core Gameplay Changes


Firstly though, let's go into some core gameplay changes you should be aware of.


• All totems and ballistas now have approximately 50% more base life than previously, with the exception of Ancestral Totems, Decoy Totems, and Holy Flame Totems.
• Fossils can no longer craft any prefix or suffix mods that cannot be obtained elsewhere, with the exception of those granted by Faceted, Bloodstained and Hollow Fossils.
• Physical Damage taken as Chaos/Fire/Cold/Lightning, as well as Curse on Hit modifiers are now mutually exclusive.
• Modifiers to Melee Weapon and Unarmed Attack Range are now described as "+X to Melee Strike Range". The functionality hasn't changed. Weapons that describe their range still refer to "Weapon Range".
• Increases and reductions to reflected damage taken (such as the Sextant modifier or the Yugul God Power) now also affect your minions.
• Wand attack projectiles are now considered larger for the purposes of collision detection against monsters.
• Elusive now grants 30% increased movement speed (from 40%), 15% chance to dodge attacks (from 20%) and 15% chance to dodge spells (from 20%).
• There is now a hard upper limit of 75% for chance to Avoid Damage from Hits (such as the fire damage avoidance found on Glitterdisc).
• The chance for a Conqueror to occupy an Atlas region is now 50%.
• Some Atlas mechanics have been clarified, making progression easier.


Main Attack Skill Reworks


First up is the batch of changes to main attack skills. GGG has worked in a pretty big amount of reworks in the Path of Exile 3.9. In particular bow-based skills have gotten the most attention.




• Animate Weapon – Major reduction in the maximum number of summoned weapons. • Minor increase in damage and new movement speed and attack speed buff setup. It can now be supported by Unleash and Spell Echo.
• Artillery Ballista – Increased DPS through better damage application.
• Frostblink – Applies Chilled Ground. Increased travel distance, better DPS
• Lightning Warp – Reduced Duration bonus scales better. Fast base cast time.
• Shrapnel Ballista – Increased DPS
• Vaal Flameblast – Faster trigger stages, more radius




• Explosive Arrow – Now gains +2 to Explosion Radius per Explosive Arrow on the target, up to +12 at all gem levels (previously scaled as the gem leveled up, from +10 at gem level 1, to +19 at 20). Cap on arrow stacks at 20 now. Although at 20 it does explode, granting a minor buff to hit damage, less ignite scaling now.
• Flame Dash – The increased Cooldown Recovery Speed this skill gains as it levels up has been lowered.
• Herald of Agony – Reduced DPS
• Precision – Reduced DPS through reduction in Crit bonus to maximum of 58%, mostly affects low levels.
• Pyroclast Mine – Reduced activations as it activates every 4 mine explosions instead of 2.
• Raise Spectre – Level scaling of Spectres reduced, lower max level from 80 to 76.
• Raise Zombie – Reduced max number of Zombies
• Spirit Offering – No longer grants a portion of the minion's maximum life as Energy Shield, changed to Chaos Resistance
• Summon Carrion Golem – Reduced DPS thanks to nerf to Golem damage bonus to 50% from 80%
• Summon Holy Relic – Slightly increased cooldown
• Summon Skeletons – Reduced DPS and max number of skeletons
• Temporal Chains – Now has 50% less effective against players. Previously, it had a 40% reduced effect against players.


General Big Changes:


• Arctic Breath – Fast projectiles, reduced cast time, reduced mana cost, reduced DPS
• Bladefall – Has a new Lingering Blades effect. Scalable with skills like Animate Weapon.
• Dash – 3% increased travel distance per gem level.
• Ethereal Knives – Has a new Lingering Blades effect. Scalable with skills like Animate Weapon.
• Flameblast – Massively reduced radius, but gains +3 radius per stage from +2.


Support Skill Reworks


Then we move on to the support skills, which have been massively reworked this patch.




• Ballista Totem – Less decreased damage, Slightly increased DPS with supported skills.
• Feeding Frenzy Support – Now scales the Feeding Frenzy proc based on levels, up to 44% chance at max.
• Unleash Support – Now causes spells to deal 20% less damage when Reoccurring at gem level 1 (from 35%), up to 11% at level 20 (from 26%).
• Awakened Unleash Support – Now causes spells to deal 10% less damage when Reoccurring at gem level 1 (from 25%), up to 8% at level 20 (from 23%).


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