Can We Still Getting Skill Buffs In Path Of Exile

I have been playing Path of Exile for some time and I really like this game. I know that the ascendancys revamps/reworks are great but I am feeling like for 3.2 there won't be any and that it will come at a later patch etc. Anyone else feeling the same? I read some other opinions for collectors of path of exile currency.

One player said that fun fact Mathil's GH build had 1 Abyss jewel GH does not in any way require Abyss jewels, all you need to do to understand that is look at its damage effectivness at level 20. AC makes it feel a ton nicer but it never lacked for damage, the only thing wrong with it was public perception of it along with being namelock. The Threshold jewels with AC put it in as good a place if not better than IB it just took Mathil using it to strip away the public perception.

And one said that Problem with arc is that it requires too much to be viable and if you invest same currency into other skill it would become 1000x better either as single target or as clearing skill. Inpulsa helped, but it restricts your chest slot and having flame surge as st means that it's best to go inq due to scaling multiple elements. This makes arc as a skill in a weird spot.

One player said that Raider will still be popular, especially with the permanent onslaught A.K.A easy capped evasion. Pathfinder gonna take a huge hit as the class is really not league starter friendly in anyway. It's need big investment to be great, but it's still scale well with money. Berserker is dead tho. Trickster is better.

The only buff im waiting for is for Dominating Blow. I have tried many many times to make it work but every time it seems like GGG just forgot the skill existed. In breach league all was well until I went into my first breach, only to realize that breach minions can not be converted. In 3.0 I tried again only to learn that all your converted minions don't follow you into boss rooms so scrapped it once again. In harbinger I did another dom blow but once again "summoned" aka harbinger minions cannot be converted. will come true. Keeping an eye on poe currency buy, you will get more gains.