Check out the More Leaked Fortnite Season 8 Information

fortnite season 8

Are you waiting for the commence of Season 8 when Season 7 was drawing to a close? Now new information about Fortnite Season 8 may perhaps have been leaked, which includes the new additions for the battle pass and adjustments towards the battle royale island map. 

Epic Games revealed that Season 7 will come to an end on February 28 and players have been searching for any little detail that might reveal what the developer has in retailer for them for the duration of the highly-anticipated Season 8. Now, they may have a handful of extra answers. 

According to GamingIntel, the description for Season 8 has apparently been leaked - revealing specifics about map adjustments, new additions towards the Battle Pass, changes to Fortnite Creative and Save the World. 

It needs to be noted that there's no solution to confirm in the event the leak, pictured below, is actual. It might be a falsified image, but we'll know quickly sufficient because the release of Season 8 is just below two weeks away. 

Fortnite Season 8 leaked

The reported description starts: "Stand your ground! Season eight starts as a devastating earthquake tears apart the island. Uncover what's changed in places like Tilted Towers and Polar Peak, and venture underground in newly exposed places! 

"Check out the new Battle Pass and further customize your experience with unlockable lobby backgrounds whilst unlocking new styles for all six customizable skins." 

It adds: "Experience the official launch of Fortnite Creative and use all new prefabs, devices, and weapons in your islands. In Save the World, battle against the storm making use of the all-new revamped hero technique!" 

"The Fortnite Season eight Battle Pass, 100 levels, over one hundred new rewards. Readily available in-game proper now for 950 V-Bucks." 

Despite this, there's no method to confirm the legitimacy of the leak, so it really is ideal to take a wait-and-see method to things. Fortunately, fans do not need to wait extended to find out what Epic has in store for them for Fortnite Season 8.  

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