What Is The Fastest Way To Level Spectral Throw In PoE

In Path of Exile, some times ago, I was looking to make an Ele Spectral Throw, and was thinking of going Scion. I've got a bunch of Twink gear, but I was curious what other players think the best setup is?

I've never played ST before, so I'm not sure what direction to go on the tree, and also what the best poe items/supports are for damage, attackspeed, and moving quickly. But now I found the answer, and I want to share it with players who are as confused as I am. What you need to do is the following.

Mortem morsu all the way to wasp nest and spec into the claw nodes by assassin. And then try to find a decent Gemini claw because ST mana cost is atrocious also happens to be the highest dps base. And that's if you go claws. Otherwise there are plenty of swords or whatever. I like claws because I hate Vaal pact. And the implicit on the claws are pretty insane with ST. Plus claws have lots of easy access to crit which is vital to a good eleST build.

Use abyssal jewels to fill out damage while leveling. Find the attack speed nodes on the tree and spec into them while leveling. Link whirling blades to blood magic and faster attacks. If you decide to buy a ST helm enchant, damage is good for mapping but deceleration is superior for bosses regardless of what PoB says.

Hand of Thought and Motion + Astramentis + Fertile Mind / Brute Force Solution / Static Electricity + Wake of Destruction + Darkness Enthroned and 2 flat damage jewels, then add whatever other flat ele or high int gear you have access to. Fidelitas spike, wrath, HoT. Can last you from 20 til decent weapon. Not the best necessarily but fast and easy.

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