u4fifa.com: Read Customer Feedback

Had a smooth and easy experience with u4fifa.com like always. I ordered a few items from the website and after two days i was kind of antsy to receive my items through in-game mail. I read some reviews saying that u4fifa has had a negative smudge on their customer support team, saying that the support team is rude and doesn't help, that worried me a little, so i contacted the support team. I was greeted kindly by Grace from the support team, i asked when i could expect my order because the anticipation was killing me. she asked for an order id# which i had at the ready, after waiting maybe 5 minutes or so she got back to me and apologized for the wait saying it may take just a few more hours. Just about 5 minutes after i ended the chat, i had received my much anticipated items in the mailbox.

Bottom line is, this is a trustworthy website. Always be on the safe side though and take screenshots of interactions, save order id#'s and receipts just in case you need to contact customer support. If you have to go to customer support, having all your info at the ready and being nice makes things smooth as butter. Happy customer :)

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