Path Of Exile Beginner Guide To Racing

In Path of Exile, Races are events where players compete in a special league to win prizes. With durations ranging from twelve minutes to one month, they allow players to demonstrate mastery of the game.

Races are divided into seasons, each lasting around six weeks. Every season has its own leaderboard and a special set of alternate art item prizes. The following are some general tips for racing.

Saving Time

Decision making is an important aspect of racing, learning to make them quickly comes with experience and practice. This applies to many aspects of racing including inventory management, gem setup, skill tree decisions and gear choices. It's better to start off with a plan than to figure it out during a race where you can feel pressured.

Area Knowledge

Just like saving time, area knowledge comes with time and practice. Some resources are available but your ability to identify what layouts you are confronted with is going to determine how quickly you can go through a zone. Some areas have very clear tells, others don't. This is an example of how you can analyse an area.

Buying Items

Each of the NPCs can provide you with gear: - base items you need, magic items, jewelry, flasks or specific gems. Some magic items can cost two Scrolls of Wisdom which makes them a very good purchase depending on the mods. There are some poe items for trade on U4GM.

Race Knowledge

If you are going to spend an hour or more playing the game, spending a minute reading about what you are going to play is a smart time investment to avoid any unwanted surprises. Some of the races have mods designed to challenge experienced players and are likely to drastically change your experience from the original game.

Movement Speed

You will be spending a lot of time running through areas, so you'll want to get as much movement speed as you can. It's also a layer of defence against monsters, especially if they have mods benefiting them.

Wearing body armour or a shield slows you down. You have to make an informed decision between what the gear provides and how penalising it is to wear it. As a general rule, prioritising evasion-based gear is usually the way to go as the penalty isn't as significant as the other body armours. Evasion is arguably the best defence for the early game.