PoE: Do You Think The Skill Tree Needs A Rework

Path of Exile's passive skill tree is a vast web of 1325 skills that provide passive bonuses to your character. Each time you level up or complete certain quests, you can allocate a skill and explore deeper into the tree.

For a while the skill tree has been a bit lackluster. With minor improvements or changes here and there over the years, it doesn't seem like much inovation is being made to the original concept.

There is a new ARPG in the works called Wolcen and they have made an amazing passive tree for their game that I feel is more interesting, and heavily PoE inspired. It consists of circles that can be rotated on a grid at your discretion.

As such customization of ones character is far superior. Right now in PoE you are limited by position on skill tree. You can travel quite far through travel nodes but end up wasting several levels of skill points before getting to things that are actually beneficial.

On top of that most of the nodes are generic junk that could be condensed together and reduced to make traveling less of a non issue to making truly unique builds. As a game that prides itself on having infinite possibilities and customization, very little is actually unique.

I think if the skill tree was revamped to have all classes start at center, like scion, and have it branch out from there would be great. Embedding the entire skill tree in wheels that can be rotated adds the possibility of creating new builds that would be impossible to make viable. As a reference here's what it looks like in Wolcen.

One player said that skill tree just needs small fixes amd that's all imo. Life and es nodes near scion are good but the evasion cluster not really. He mean noone picks it all (atl not to my knoledge).

Also sometimes travelnodes clusterfucks make life pain (the shadow junction- the node spaghetti is unreal (he is refering to the spot where you have jewel socket straight right from shadow start) it makes he wanna avoid that place cuz of waste of points. But besides that and small tweaks and ballances id say its ok. What's your opinion?