PoE: Can GGG Make Unique Maps Way More Common?

In Path of Exile, running unique maps is one of my favorite things, but it is basically impossible to find them yourself. Running these awesome maps should be a pleasure and not the chore of having to buy them off PoE trade, then get a full group together to split the cost, and then having to deal with 5 people spamming skills so you can't even see the screen.

In my ideal PoE, a unique map would drop about once every 4 or so regular maps. They should be common enough that players shouldn't feel like they are wasting money to just open them solo and have fun.

I also shouldn't feel like running a unique map a second time for fun is that much of a waste of money. The only exceptions to this should obviously be those few unique maps with insane value from the end boss, like the div card map, that would destroy the economy if they were super common.

One player think that nerfing the unique map card wasn't the right move, its already weighted and lots of them ultimately don't get completed anyway. But having goals to go for, aside from playing other builds should be something people should be able to do, no reason why everyone needs geared up well enough to kill shaper week 1 of the league.

And one think that because buying stuff off of poe.trade is the worst part of this game and it is not worth the aggravation to have to buy a unique map just to run it. Most of the uniques maps have zero good rewards, so it isn't worth the time and frustration to try and buy them, but if they dropped a lot more often you could just run them by yourself when they dropped.

Why would anyone want to spend several minutes whispering people that don't respond and then another minute actually trading with someone in order to buy a map that finishes in less time than it took to buy it in the first place? No one. The answer is no one. It's not about getting handed stuff like a headhunter, it is about wanting to play these interesting maps more often and having more fun.

What's your opinion?