Are You Satisfied With Path Of Exile Prophecies

In Path of Exile, many collectors of poe currency have all seen the reddit posts or maybe even had the "luxury" of encoutering a prophecy scammer. There are just so many prophecies and most of them are so vague that they require a wiki check to see whether they are even worth taking the time to go back to act N to do it, or open a certain map somehow.

I have gone through the prophecies and made a list of what I see as the worst of the worst and put an "X" next to those I personally encountered (nothing special about me, just some flavour):

Living Fires, Fallow at Last, Path of Betrayal, The Forgotten Soldiers, The Child of Lunaris, The Forgotten Garrison, The Stockkeeper X, Unnatural Energy X, Holding the Bridge, In the Grasp of Corruption, Defiled in the Sceptre, Vaal Invasion, Visions of the Drowned X too many god dama times, Undead Uprising, Brothers in Arms.

Certain prophecies such as Hidden Vaal Pathways and Rebirth I didn't mention because I feel like they have some sort of utility because the first one provides a guaranteed reward in the end of the vaal zone and the second one (and other 10+ similar ones - either spawning a mob or a pack) may spawn in maps, effectively increasing monster quota / pack size.

What my problem with these prophecies is that they have the specific cancer trio of the trash prophecy: requires backtracking in a previous act, generates (a) weak area-leveled mob(s), provides no guaranteed drop (no matter how trash it would be), here are a few suggestions that could improve them:

1. Delete them straight up: Would result in lost content, although there are quite a few disabled/removed prophecies such as The Emperor's Trove which actually had great impacts.

2. Make the enemies your level when you get the prophecy (if you seek it at lvl 80, mobs are lvl 80 no matter the map level) and drop more and rarer poe items of your level.

3. Rework them in order to be map-viable. Maybe Brutus and Kole from the Brothers in Arms prophecy spawn in the Dungeon map (example). It makes sense!

Some prophecies are very bad and are decreasing our chances of getting any of the legit expensive/good prophecies. Suggestions presented just above the conclusion. How many of these "bad" prophecies did you get?