Are You Satisfied With Item Rewards Of PoE Bestiary League

In Path of Exile, with players being so upset about the current league and the rewards from the beasts I want to address an issue PoE is currently facing. There is too low variety in desirable mods.

In fact, this issue is result of primarily three design/implementation choices: Multiple items need resists and higher resists enable the use of more uniques; Bosses have so much damage, (effective) life is needed on every item; Most builds scale using the same mods (e.g. local phys dmg, spell dmg, attack speed).

If GGG wants to avoid early saturation of the item market with powerful rares while still offering interesting (league) rewards, the variety of desirable mods has to drastically increase soon. This also enables targeted crafting. Here are some suggestions to achieve higher mod variety:

1. Make a new slot (not prefix, not suffix) for effects of socketed gems (e.g. additional quality, increased rarity of items dropped by socketed skills, reduced/0 mana costs).

2. Make some mechanics unavailable until an item has a specific mod (e.g. 0 base curse limit and +1 max curse on gloves mod; leech cap of 5%, 5% mod on each slot).

3. Buff underused mods (e.g. life gain on hit).

4. Introduce a new layer of defense complementing the current fist layer (armour, evasion, ES).

5. Introduce mods that make the item significantly more powerful in upcoming (tough) content (like the implicit on breach rings).

6. Reduce elemental damage and the elemental resistance cap. Create a choice between first layer defense (armour, evasion, ES) and max res.

7. Remove the generic and semi-generic (e.g. spell, local phys) damage mods and introduce more specific ones (e.g. DoT, Totem, Projectile, Melee, against monsters w/o ES).

GGG has tried to create more mods on essences and Shaper/Elder items. Unfortunately, these items are too scarce to actually have an impact on the game experience of most players. What about you? Do you have any suggestions on future item rewards?