Currency Use On Maps In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is designed around a strong online item economy, deep character customisation, competitive PvP and ladder races. The game is completely free and will never be "pay to win".

Path of Exile's end-game areas are items called Maps. They grant limited access to a new world area that can contain great challenges and greater rewards. Like other items, Maps can have random mods that affect their difficulty. For more information, please visit the official website to view.

All of the existing Path of Exile currency items work on Maps in obvious ways. If you get a normal Map and you’d like to make it more difficult, you can use an Orb of Transmutation to turn it into a magic Map. If you are unhappy with its mods, you can use an Orb of Alteration to reroll them. The same is true for creating rare Maps using Orb of Alchemy and other similar currency items.

Because some mods can be easily overcome with specific build choices (if all monsters have increased fire resistance, don’t bring a fire character), we expect players to reroll or trade for Maps until they find ones that are easier for them to handle with their characters. Clever players will create builds that can reap the increased rewards of certain Map mods while not suffering from the increase of difficulty.

Like most other items in the game, Maps can be Unique. These Maps don’t go to a random area with random mods, but to a specific area that we have designed with a set of properties that make it interesting (the layout itself is still randomised). We generally design these areas to be rewarding to explore - because they’re so rare, it’s important that whoever decides to cash them in receives a decent haul of items in return.

In the process of the game, if you have any questions, you can log in our official website, U4GM will serve you wholeheartedly.